Presentation Skills Workshops

Build Effective Presentation Skills and Executive Presence Across Your Organization

Customized Corporate Group Training with Professional Curriculum Development for a Whole Range of Soft Skills and Media Training.

Our training is hands-on and highly interactive with both individual and group exercises – we get people to step up, speak out and move out of their comfort zones. We start with your strategic objectives and then work backwards to develop the curriculum that will help you create a happier, more productive workplace.

We focus on soft skills (actually we don't think of them as soft at all) that empower employees, improve relationships, increase personal accountability and drive motivation.

They leave our soft skills training happier, more confident and ready to take pride in their work. Training sessions can includes (i) an exploration session prior to the training to determine the exact modules and time frame necessary, (ii) informal assessment after the training to see if further training or mentoring is required, (iii) certificates of completion, (iv) suggestions for each individuals personal development plan and (v) the opportunity for follow up with each individual via email with us for confidential concerns and questions that they don’t feel comfortable addressing in front of the group.

All our highly interactive training sessions help people communicate with more confidence and give them practical tools and tips that they can immediately use to improve their public speaking and interpersonal communication skills.

All our corporate group training can be delivered as a Lunch and Learn, Half Day, Full Day or at a Corporate Retreat.


  • Storytelling Skills 
  • Public Speaking and Body Language 
  • Communicating Emotional Intelligence
  • Speaking the Language of Leadership
  • How to Move from Information to Inspiration
  • Media Training 
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Communicating for Personality Types
  • Presentation Skills for STEM Professionals
  • Public Speaking Skills for Women in Leadership
  • Tessa Vanderkop- Manager. Marketing, Programs & Sustainability
    Narges gave an inspired talk to the Access workshop participants offering practical tips that can help students build leadership skills. Her training style is highly interactive and very engaging. I would recommend her to any organization look for top notch leadership communication expert.  
    Tessa Vanderkop- Manager. Marketing, Programs & Sustainability
    Burnaby Board of Trade

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All full day training programs include a copy of Narges Nirumvala’s bestselling book “Capture the Spotlight” in paperback for each attendee (for up to 12 people) along with individual email support for each attendee after the training to answer questions, customized curriculum development and certificates of completion.

Empower your team members with the soft skills to speak with confidence in a variety of situations including sales presentations, meetings, industry conferences, investor days and financial panels, road shows, corporate retreats and more.

Narges prepared an awesome training program for us with some great insights and practical tools we could all use. Her energy, passion and enthusiasm for her coaching is amazing.

Paul Stephens
Manager, Group Client Development.

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