Executive Speech Coaching

A Trusted Advisor to Help You Build A Strong Personal Brand, Executive Presence and World Class Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Based in Vancouver, Narges Nirumvala has established herself as one of the top executive speech coaches and leadership development experts in the World.

Whether you want to be a more inspiring and engaging leader or you have a 911 speaking emergency that you need to prepare for, we can help you.

She works one-on-one with aspiring leaders, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, community leaders and public figures to take their public speaking and presentation skills to the next level. 

Our Clients Include:

  • CEOs
  • C-Level and Senior Executives
  • TEDx Speakers
  • Women Executives
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Emerging Leaders and Speakers
  • Executives In Transition
  • Health and Wellness Experts
  • Executive Teams and Leadership Teams
  • Politicians
  • Olympic Athletes
  • Executives who are non-native speakers of English

If you’re thinking about hiring Narges Nirumvala then you are already an accomplished, driven and successful individual. You need results now and you want to work with the best. If you are looking for high-caliber executive speech coaching and presentation skills training then you will not find anyone else with Narges’ passion, depth of knowledge, credentials and expertise.

Because Narges has extensive experience working with top tier clients she knows what leadership sounds like, understands the tremendous the pressure her clients are under, their need for immediate results and always promises the utmost discretion.

Narges has a unique system that includes writing and developing persuasive content, working on your delivery and understanding how it integrates into your unique situation, communication, marketing and sales strategy.


Virtual and In-Person Executive Speech Coaching with Narges:

Based on best practices and the latest research in the fields of leadership communication, public speaking, presentation skills and personal branding we develop a training program unique to each client. 

PACKAGES: We offer a variety of one-on-one coaching packages with Narges ranging from our laser focused 2-hour session to multi-session packages that you can take over the course of months or over 1- year or more. We also offer a more intense VIP Day. 

PROCESS: All clients start with a consultation call to establish fit. Once we establish a good fit, the coaching process begins with our coaching agreement that both the coach and the client sign. The agreement outlines the fees, schedule, confidentiality and responsibilities. We then schedule the first session. Fees are due in advance of the first session. Sessions can take place either in-person at Narges' office in Downtown Vancouver at the Marine Building or online via ZOOM. The first session includes an orientation and we go over our detailed intake questionnaire and our own proprietary 25-point communications assessment that we’ve designed after years of experience to give us the deepest insight into our clients objectives and their current situation. We then map out an customized action plan unique to each person and customized it to their goals, personality, strengths and opportunities.

RESULTS: Results vary greatly from person to person and depend on a variety of factors including but not limited to the client's ability to take constructive feedback, the commitment level of the client and their willingness to learn. Here are some expected outcomes from working with us:

  • Learn how to build trust, engage your audience, project authority and command respect
  • Learn how to structure your talk to achieve specific objectives from your audience
  • Develop a strong executive presence and learn to dress in a manner that reflects your stature
  • Learn how to use STORYTELLING to influence and persuade your audience
  • Effectively communicate your vision and inspire your team and stakeholders 
  • Build confidence, reduce fear and learn to communicate with authenticity, clarity and power
  • Learn how to provide good sound bites, use bridging techniques and deliver key messages to the media
  • Discover the power of body language in negotiations and LEARN HOW PEOPLE ACTUALLY SEE YOU
  • Learn how to use social media and digital marketing to build a powerful personal brand or speaker brand
  • Learn how to significantly build your business and generate revenue through public speaking 
  • For non-native speakers of English improve your grammar, pronunciation, understanding of idiomatic phrases and vocabulary.
  • How to write and develop essential speaker marketing collateral such as your speaker bio, speaker one-sheet and the speaker page on your website

VIP Day Program in Vancouver:

Executives and leaders fly in from all over the world to work with Narges. Based on our best practices and the latest research in the field of personal branding, leadership communication, public speaking and presentation skills.

The difference is that this is delivered much more intensively over the day in Vancouver for our customers who need immediate results. Our VIP Program also includes extensive preparation in advance, a follow up program so we hold you accountable and support you after you leave.

Vancouver is a spectacular city, so why not combine business and pleasure? Bring your spouse or family with you and see the sights while you learn and accelerate your career.

Our Approach

Our unique approach is comprehensive and multidimensional. It includes key elements that help individuals and teams succeed and achieve extraordinary results with our coaching and training programs. We acknowledge the different learning styles, motivations and personality styles of each individual and customize our executive speech coaching and presentation skills workshops so each person can excel.

Our Difference

  1. We approach each client with a clean slate and don't want to change who you are. We do NOT follow a “one size fits all” program and customize our approach to the goals, personality, strengths and aspirations of each individual or team.
  2. Our CEO, Narges Nirumvala is a much sought after paid, professional speaker. She walks the talk and has spoken at hundreds of events. She has insider experience of the techniques, challenges, triumphs, and audience expectations.
  3. We go beyond just standard public speaking and presentation skills into areas essential for leadership such as compelling storytelling and building your executive presence.
  4. We have extensive experience working with executives and leaders from highly technical backgrounds such as finance, science and engineering. We show you how to communicate technical material in a way that is inspiring and engaging to audiences at all levels.
  5. We have a deeper knowledge and understanding of technology. Narges Nirumvala is Microsoft Certified PowerPoint Expert and has years of experience working with decks to make your PowerPoint presentations more visually appealing and powerful.
  6. We have experience working with C-Suite executives taking their companies public and have prepared them for their IPO road shows and subsequent quarterly investor/Q&A calls.
  • Narges is patient, kind and direct in her approach to helping you articulate your story to your audience. Her strategic direction was very helpful in delivering my first speech in front of a large audience. Narges helped me explore my authentic voice and encouraged me to tell stories that would help me connect to my audience.
    Sharan Sumal - UX Strategist
    Apply Digital Ltd.

Complimentary Consultation. All clients are accepted by application. Book your 20-minute complimentary consultation phone call with Narges to see if we are the right "fit" for each other. (special one-time only per client)

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