An Experienced and Entertaining Emcee with a Large Online Reach

Master of Ceremonies / Emcee / Host

Narges Nirumvala is an experienced and entertaining Master of Ceremonies (Emcee) for fundraising events, conferences and trade shows. Managing an event from the stage is unlike any other type of speaking and you need to be able to work well with event planners, board members, volunteers and audience members.

Narges has a commanding and engaging presence. She also knows how to keep the event running smoothly and on time, as well as how to deal with the unexpected. Narges will also introduce speakers, summarize key takeaways weaving everything together and thank sponsors providing them with maximum value.

Moderator and Panel Facilitation

Narges can skillfully bridge the content between the panelists / speakers and the audience, while keeping the conversation flowing. With a broad knowledge base in a wide range of subjects from business and women’s empowerment to leadership and technology to work from, Narges is proficient at directing the discussion, drawing out insights and stories. She also knows how to encourage audience engagement and questions. Narges is also experienced in preventing one panelist or member of the audience from monopolizing the discussion.

Narges Nirumvala

Visibility and Online Reach

Unlike most other Emcees, Narges is able to use her huge reach on social media to do event communications and promotion prior to the date of the event. Narges is an accomplished writer and has been ranked by KLEAR in the top 4% of all social media users in the world.

She is highly influential and has a large social media following including:

  • 15K+ followers on Instagram
  • 27K+ followers on Twitter
  • 4K+ followers each on LinkedIn and Facebook

There is also the additional service of writing an article recapping the event on her blog, on social media and often through one of the other publications she writes for such as Blush Vancouver Magazine or AAJ Magazine.

  • Narges is an excellent public speaker, personable and knows how to work a crowd. Narges was our Emcee at Immerse Gala, a fundraising event created in benefit of VAST, and we could not be more pleased with her work on this event. She kept our program running smoothly, had great energy, and was an absolute pleasure to work with. If you want a professional that can kick your event up a notch, Narges is the perfect person.
    Zaheeda Merchant - Owner & Executive Producer
    Merchant Eventz

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