Capture the Spotlight, a book by Narges Nirumvala

Stop Fading into the Background and Learn How to Shine

There’s a secret that most of the world’s most successful business and political leaders know—that when mastered and properly applied, public speaking can be a real game changer.

Written by a top executive speech coach, this book will give you the tools and strategies you need to become the confident and powerful speaker you were born to be.

An essential part of leadership development, this book will teach you the fundamentals of great public speaking and how to apply those presentation skills in real-life situations.

Purchasing Narges' Book For Your Team:

Whether you are purchasing books for training, marketing, or client relations, you can buy them in bulk and save on orders of 10 or more copies in paperback format. It’s  ideal for use in learning and training programs. Current price is CAD $25 plus shipping and taxes per book. To order the book in bulk for your organization email us at: narges[at] We often include it FREE for our IN PERSON Vancouver based lunch and learns, half day and full day training programs when available and depending on other factors. Ask for more details. 

You will be able to raise your profile and stand out from your competition, by learning how to persuade and captivate the attention of almost any audience, from boardroom presentations to conference keynotes.

Excerpt from the book:

“You will find this book full of tools, tips, and strategies that will help you improve your presentation skills and be a more dynamic and powerful public speaker. I want to give you a handy and practical guide that you can keep with you and turn to in a whole variety of speaking situations.

I have intentionally kept the information concise, and organized it into bite-sized chunks, so it’s easy to read and digest. It also means that if you’re busy like me (and I bet you are!), you can dip into the book anytime and immediately find useful information that you can apply the same day.

There is no fluff, filler, or unnecessary long stories or examples traditionally used to pad out books. (I hate those in business books and always skip them anyway.) This book is just 100 percent pure, distilled, useful information born out of my years of experience as an executive speech coach, keynote speaker, and presentation skills trainer.

I’ve also written this book with the entrepreneurial approach in mind, because that’s how I think. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or a high school student—if you’re a go-getter and an innovator, someone who wants to take charge of the way you communicate and respond to situations so you always use them to your advantage and make the best possible impression, then this book is for you.”