Learning to Say NO!

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January 9, 2023
learn to say no

Why do we have such a hard time saying NO?!!?

Is it because we don’t want to hurt 😞 someone’s feelings or don’t like how we feel when we say NO or both?

So instead of being direct and saying NO we often ghost 👻 the other person and damage or destroy the relationship.

Ghosting has become an epidemic in every aspect of our lives from the jobseeker who never hears back if they are not given an interview to clients who would rather ghost you than say NO after months of communication.

We all need to learn to SAY NO WITH TACT which is why it’s in almost all my public speaking and presentation skills training programs.

Often in a team instead of saying NO people will agree grudgingly or out of fear and suppress the increasing resentment they feel for having to do something they don’t want to do. 👉🏼The relationship will still be damaged.

It’s particularly important in teamwork because in order to BUILD TRUST you need to be honest and authentic.

So STOP GHOSTING PEOPLE, faking compliance, burning those bridges and actually learn to say NO.

Author: Narges Nirumvala, February 2024

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