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I’m delighted to introduce you to my new executive lifestyle series that will feature local Vancouver food, fashion, health, event recaps and travel for the successful and affluent leader. I hope you enjoy it! If you would like me to attend an event or have an idea for a story drop me a line.

Let’s get back to our current post. A few weeks ago I almost cancelled our family vacation to beautiful Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada because I was too stressed out and busy. Crazy right? I now realize that I needed the break more than ever. So we booked into a suite with a huge deck in a gorgeous waterfront hotel and had an amazing week. Now I’m back and so glad we took that time off. I feel revitalized, plus we created memories that will last a lifetime.

While I was there I had an important realization, that I was able to be creative in ways I didn’t expect. Here are three unusual ways that you can find inspiration for your next speech, book or venture while on vacation.

Reconnect with your family

Some of my greatest accomplishments have been because of my family. They inspire me to push harder because they believe in me, even at my lowest moments. It’s their unconditional love and support that has kept me going through those tough times and struggles that all entrepreneurs have. My husband is also quite innovative in his approach and see things from such a different perspective, to me that it’s a huge asset.

My husband often pushes back on my ideas and forces me to fine-tune and improve the idea significantly as a result.

So you can see why reconnecting with the most important people in your life can be a benefit to your business and professional life.

Keep a journal

I love writing in my journal when I’m on holiday or on a business trip. I write about my experiences, thoughts and emotions. My writing also keeps me company when I’m traveling alone. It’s so important to write honestly and without judgement. We are all too hard on ourselves. I also don’t worry about spelling or grammar. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

I find journaling often becomes a great source of inspiration for articles and speeches that I write in the future.

TO DO: The next time you have to go away on business or vacation buy a new blank book and just start writing. Let me know how it goes!

Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs taken by Narges on her holiday.

Reconnect with nature

I am so lucky to live in the amazing province of British Columbia with it’s abundant natural beauty. Reconnecting with nature has always been important to me.

There’s something about being at peace with nature that fills my heart with inspiration and gratitude.

So while you’re on vacation go for a walk or hike or swim and just take it in. It also gives me perspective on life.

I know you’re busy and want to just chill when you go on holiday. I’ve seen those pictures on your Instagram feed. Next time why not add some intention to the mix? Make your vacation or getaway an unexpected source of innovative thinking and inspiration for your next speech, book, project or venture.

Narges Nirumvala Keynote SpeakerNarges Nirumvala, is the CEO of ExecutiveSpeak Coaching International. She is one of Canada’s leading executive speech coaches, a presentation skills trainer, an award winning entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, author of the Amazon bestselling book “Capture the Spotlight” and a humanitarian.

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