3 Ways To Be A More Inspiring Leader

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March 31, 2015
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April 17, 2015

A big part of the work that I do with executives and boards is leadership development, because at the heart of leadership is communication. EVERY aspect of leadership involves your ability to communicate, here are some examples:

  • Phone calls and conference calls
  • Meetings that you attend or chair
  • Conference keynotes
  • Panel discussions
  • Closed door negotiations
  • Six or seven figure sales presentations
  • Speaking to the media

As the above list should demonstrate, you cannot be an effective leader if you don’t communicate well. It’s really that simple.

C-Suite executives of today must be able to engage and inspire their employees, partners and stakeholders. To hold someone’s attention you need to be truly compelling. ~ Narges Nirumvala

So I wanted to share a few ways to up your engagement factor:

1. Be Authentic.

Being authentic means that you need to communicate from your values and always be true to yourself. Don’t try to impress people or be someone that you’re not.

To be authentic you must be yourself, strip away all the pretense and remove the mask. Let people see who you really are.

2. Show Empathy.

Empathy is the ability to appreciate where someone else is coming from and see the world through their eyes. If you want to connect with people in a way that will inspire them to realize your vision you must show empathy and compassion. Show them that you genuinely care about who they are and where they are going.

One way to show empathy is by listening attentively to what your team members have to say and showing them the same respect you expect them to show you. ~ Narges Nirumvala

3. Share Your Stories.

The art of storytelling is vital to your success as a leader. It allows you to inspire people and show them your human side. It’s a powerful tool when persuading others, because it’s much easier to show them through your journey them to tell them directly.

A well crafted story with an authentic core is a powerful tool when you want to persuade and inspire your audience. ~ Narges Nirumvala

Even if you just implemented one of my suggestions above you would see the impact it has on your ability to connect and inspire the people you serve.

Called ‘The Secret Weapon’ by one journalist, Narges Nirumvala is a world renowned leadership communication expert and international speaker. She is the CEO of ExecutiveSpeak Coaching International and author of the bestselling book “Capture the Spotlight”. Narges works with executives and leadership teams to help them find their authentic voice and speak the language of leadership. Narges has received numerous accolades; most recently she was nominated for the 2016 Wendy McDonald Awards as Community Catalyst.

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