FIT Quiz

Are We a Great Fit to Work Together?

Are we a great fit to work together? Take this compatibility quiz below and find out. These are the characteristics of my ideal executive speech coaching client, based on my experience.

See how many of these twelve statements apply to you – the more that apply, the better fit we are. Good luck!


  1. I have a vision and I’m passionate about what I do
  2. I’m driven by purpose and want to make a difference in the community
  3. I have laser focus and sometimes it drives my friends and family crazy
  4. I want absolute mastery in everything I do, including public speaking
  5. I’m in the public eye, a role model and lead by example
  6. I’m part of projects or negotiate deals in six to ten figures
  7. I have an assistant or virtual assistant as part of my team
  8. I’m a mentor and team leader. My team looks to me for strong leadership and inspiration
  9. I give presentations, speeches and/or media interviews on a regular basis (or at least I should be!)
  10. I want to work with a thought leader and expert in their field, not someone who dabbles or does a little bit of everything
  11. I appreciate honest, no BS feedback and don’t need a ‘Yes man’
  12. I want to be the dominant player in my field or arena