Executive Coaching

A Trusted Advisor to Help You Build A Strong Personal Brand, Executive Presence and World Class Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Narges Nirumvala has quickly established herself as one of the top executive speech coaches and leadership development experts in Vancouver. She works one-on-one with corporate executives, community leaders and public figures to take their public speaking and presentation skills to the next level.

If you’re thinking about hiring Narges Nirumvala then you are already an accomplished, driven and successful individual. You know what you want to achieve, but might not be sure if you have what it takes in the public speaking department. You need results now. You need to work with the best. If you are looking for high-caliber executive speech coaching and sales presentation skills training then you will not find anyone else with Narges’ passion, knowledge, credentials and expertise.

Because Narges works almost exclusively with top tier clients like you, she understands the tremendous pressure you are under, your need for immediate results and promises the utmost discretion. Narges’ executive coaching clients include CEOs, CFOs, Elected Public Officials, Socialites, Athletes, Vice Presidents, First Nations Chiefs and Executive Directors. You can also hire her to train your entire board!

Narges has a unique system that includes writing and developing persuasive content, working on your delivery and understanding how it integrates into your unique situation, communication, marketing and sales strategy.




Presentation 911:

Designed specifically for entrepreneurs pitching their business case for series B (or further along) financing or if you’re doing a 6 or 7 figure sales presentation to senior executives. Either way you must have a date fixed for the presentation and your presentation deck ready. This session is INTENSE and we don’t pull any punches. We work on your presentation deck and delivery. This is the ONLY session in which up to 2 participants can be involved if they will be presenting together. This packages does include follow up support via email with Narges Directly.

DELIVERED as One 90-Minute Session (in-person or via Skype)


One-On-One VIP Executive Speech Coaching:

Based on best practices and the latest research in the field of leadership communication we develop a training program unique to each client. But to give you an idea here are some of the things we could go through together:

  • Write/rewrite/tweak your signature keynote and/or develop your seminar/workshop
  • Become a more engaging and interactive speaker
  • How to communicate and promote your corporate brand platform from the stage
  • Fine-tune your message so it appeals to your ideal client
  • Develop strong presentation skills
  • Learn the lost art of storytelling and how to tell your story
  • How to inspire and motivate people to take action
  • How  to use humour effectively
  • Personal branding that transcends your current position/title
  • Becoming more persuasive and building your ‘circle of influence’
  • Building a powerful vocabulary
  • Developing strong body language and executive presence
  • How to speak to the media in both good and bad news situations
  • How to speak on video, on webinars and conference calls ‘on the spot’
  • Learn how other people see you (what to wear, your head shot etc..)
  • Projecting confidence, credibility and power



  • Half Day Face-to-Face Executive Coaching
  • Full Day Face-to-Face Executive Coaching


Please contact us for details. All packages are subject to change. Email narges[at]executivespeak.com for more information.



All of our one-on-one public speaking coaching packages come with a variety of value added extras exclusive to our clients. We add to these all the time. Here’s what we include:

Follow Up Support

All three packages above include follow up support via phone with Narges directly and email support with Narges directly. The number of phone calls and duration of the support will depend on the package selected.

International Toll Free Line

We provide a toll-free telephone line so that we incur all long distance charges, regardless of where you live in Canada or the continental U.S. This prevents surprises in terms of the cost you will incur for coaching.

Spur-of-the-Moment Coaching

For those who have previously been clients and find themselves in a situation where they would like quick “OMG you want me to speak when?” support, we offer you this service. We will take your call or meet with you as quickly as possible, even after regular business hours. There is a fee for this service.

Come-To-Your-Event Coaching

For our clients past and present we offer the service of coming to coach and support you at your event anywhere in the Greater Vancouver area. Now this could be a seminar or workshop you’re organizing or it could be a keynote speech you’re giving at an association event or conference. This must be scheduled well in advance and there is a fee for this service.

Orientation Session

All new clients start out right. The beginning of your appointment will be a combination of assessment, orientation and coaching which will focus on what you want to achieve from our sessions together. We will explore what you will find helpful; what would be a turnoff; how you learn best; what has been holding you back and how we can best help you to achieve your goals, both personally and professionally.


Take ACTION Now! Email narges[at]executivespeak.com for more information.